How do I use CQ?

This app adds extra fields to your shop’s checkout form. Once you complete the initial setup, you will see our visual editor. There you can easily add extra fields to the desired places of the checkout form.

Forms in Ecwid are organized into separate blocks of information, so we offer the same blocks too. Inside a block, you can put as many questions as you want.

After you introduce any changes, don’t forget to save them using the big blue Save button on the top right.

Can I use CQ to gather credit card numbers?

Under no circumstances you can use CQ to gather payment cards data. This would be a violation of terms of use that you accept before you are allowed to use the application. We reserve the right to remit the access to our app and results of its work if we find that the terms of use have been violated.

We prohibit to use CQ to gather payment card data because handilng card data may only be done in compliance with PCI DSS regulations. Our app does not currently comply with those regulation, and using it to handle payment card data may result in lawsuits and serious fines against your business.

How do you keep the data that my customers input into those forms?

We don’t have any means to keep the data your customers input at checkout. All the data they input is added to the order they place, and then this data goes to Ecwid servers and is stored there as a part of your order details.

You don’t have to modify your privacy policy to use CQ — we add the fields to the form that you would use anyway, and the info entered into them goes to regular Ecwid servers as a part of usual checkout process. This data will stay in your Ecwid account no matter if you use CQ in the future or not.

Why do you prohibit to gather payment card data?

For the purpose of security for cardholders, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has issued a set of requirements that regulate the handling of payment card data called PCI DSS

Put simply, card issuing organisations (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and others) specify for all the merchants, what they must, must not, may and may not do in regards to card data. If some business does not comply with those requirements, this will likely result in massive fines and other measures making that business go bankrupt.

Our solution may not currently comply with some of those requirements. If you use it to gather payment card data (card numbers, CVV/CVC codes etc), this may put an end not to just your own business, but also to ours, and to your shopping card provider as well. To prevent such situatons, we put that restriction onto our forms constructor.

What settings do I need to change in my shop?

We use the Order Comments field (the single extra checkout field that is natively available in your shop) to attach the gathered data to the orders, so you will need that field enabled. When you start using CQ, we automatically check your settings and adjust them if necessary. So, once after you’ve started to use CQ, just remember never to disable the order comments field.

Order Comments can be renamed. We recommend giving it a name that would embrace any set of data. When we change your settings at the very beginning, we name that field “Additional Information”. You may rename the Order Comments field anytime, our solution will still work with it. Just remember it is not a single field anymore, but rather the whole set of additional fields.

Because of you I’ve lost my Order Comments field. What do I do now?

We use the built-in Order Comments field to put all the extra data from the customer into it, and hence attach that data to the order. This way the information from the form fields added by CQ will always be available in your store and may also be attached to the email notifications or accessed via Ecwid Orders API. To avoid the confusion, we hide the field from the checkout form, so the customer sees only the extra form fields added by CQ instead of the native Order Comments field.

We understand that you might have been using the Orders Comments field for other purposes. To provide your customers with the field that we now hide, you might just re-add it in our form editor. Add a block to the column where you wish to see that field, then add a new field to it, customize the block and the field, and save changes.

With our tool, you can also add other fields and customize their format — just click the cog icon next to the field you want to change.

How do I delete all of your custom fields?

Open the editor in Control Panel > Settings > Checkout questions > disable the “Enable custom checkout questions” option. The switch will go from green to gray. Save the changes, and after that the checkout form of your shop will not have our extra fields anymore.

To return the extra fields back to your checkout form, just enable “Enable custom checkout questions” so that it turns green, and save your changes.

What do I do if I face a bug and/or do not want your app anymore?

If you have any problems setting up CQ for your store, or if you believe there is a bug in our app, please let us know at support@nitran.me first. Please do not delete your fields in the editor or uninstall the app before we look into it — otherwise we will lose the necessary information to investigate and fix that bug. Just contact us, and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

In the sad case when you don’t want to use CQ app anymore, you can delete it any moment by going to Settings > Apps, locating our app in the list and uninstalling it. Even in case of your dissatisfaction we would appreciate if you drop a line to support@nitran.me.

I’ve made changes and they are gone. What did I do wrong?

Probably you haven’t saved them. There are a few important things to remember when changing your extra form fields in CQ editor:

  1. Every change needs to be saved. When you change anything in the editor, the big blue Save button on the top right lights up — don’t forget to click it.

  2. The Properties dialog that comes up after clicking a cog button next to each field needs to be closed with OK button. The changes that you make in that dialog (e.g. changing name or type of the field) display in the editor immediately, but this is only a preview. To apply the change, click OK button (and even after doing that, save these changes as described above). If you click the Cancel button, the changes you make in that dialog will be completely gone.

Power user tip: if you’ve made the changes that you don’t actually want, you haven’t save them yet, and you wish to revert to last saved configuration, just refresh the page in browser. We are also working to deliver the undo/redo functionality soon.

If you have the CQ editor open in two or more browser windows at once (or several different people are trying to edit the form at the same moment), please, remember that they can easily overwrite each other’s changes. The last configuration you save wins. Avoid having your store’s control panel open in a few browser windows at a time.